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Speakers at The Festival for Freedom 2012

Insofar as possible, content from the various speakers and guests at Festival for Freedom will be offered for the many attendees who expressed the desire to be able to hear again the talks they found so informative.  It will also offer those who wanted to come, but who were unable, the opportunity to experience something which so many enjoyed during the Festival.

Content is in the reverse order of presentation (earliest, on June 21, 2012 is at the bottom.)  Some files are excerpts, some were provided as WORD documents by the speaker, some are audio files and some are video files, depending on the resources available at the time of the speech.  A few will not be able to have content posted.  Live performances are usually not summarized or recorded, but are included so that links may be shown. Videos, liturgy and miscellaneous events are not included in this Speakers’ List.

It may take some time to secure all the content; but, it will be posted as it becomes available.  Check back often for new content.

7-4-12 From the Barricades: Dan Kane

Title:  The Slippery Slope:  What’s been passed and where are we going?

By:  Dan Kane, Director of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics and Human Rights in Rome, Italy

Dan Kane

 No video or audio available.  Check back later for possible copies of slides or published papers.

7-3-12 From the Barricades: Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz & Providence Crowder

Title:  “Being the Hands and Feet of Christ in our World Today”

By:  Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz & Providence Crowder, Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY

Providence Crowder and Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz

See Video at:  http://festivalforfreedom.com/frederick-douglass-foundation/

Protected: 7-3-12 From the Barricades: Attorney

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7-3-12 From the Barricades: Jann Armantrout Part III

Title:  Ten Universal Principles:  A Brief Philosopy of the Life Issues  

Part III:  Principles of Justice and Natural Rights

By:  Jann Armantrout, Life Issues Coordinator, Dioceseof Rochester

Jann Armantrout Part III

 Audio of this presentation can be found at http://festivalforfreedom.com/audio-page/

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